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Project Description

Project Brief

The Knight’s Gambit Website was out of date but filled with lots of great content and images. The client wanted to maintain the structure of the website but visually improve how the website looked. We laid out to the company many options of what the website could look like. After much back and forth a concept was determined. A fresh new website was built to match their specific criteria. All content was transferred over.

Conceptual Design Samples

Project Focus

There were 4 main goals of this project: 1) Visually improve the website layout. 2) Retain all the preexisting content. 3) Optimize the load time of the website while still allowing the customer to keep the website on their existing hosting plan. 4) Train the staff to manage their new website in-house.

Website Redesign
Content Migration
Site Optimization
Teach Client to Maintain Website

Showcase Event Space

The website helps potential wine patrons become aware of all Knight’s Gambit has to offer. Live music, outdoor fun, as well as wedding venue & private party event space.

Introduce the Wines

The winery has many wonderful types of wine. With specific planning the site was designed for ease of learning about the different kinds of wines the winery has to offer.

Staying Connected

We added a newsletter signup space to help customers that want to keep in touch with the winery another way to stay connected.


  • All Content & Images Smoothly Transferred to the New Website
  • Site URL Structure Preserved
  • Site Optimized and Performance Increased
  • Site Redesigned with Clean & Professional Look
  • Information & Content Easily Accessible By Consumers
  • Website Delivered, Taken Over, & Managed by KGV Inhouse


The new Knight’s Gambit Vineyard website has been successfully built. We helped train the KGV staff to use their website, and they have been successfully updating and maintaining the website. We assist them with minor updates and redesigns as needed. We are pleased with how quickly they were able to learn to manage their website. Knight’s Gambit is an awesome winery and we really enjoyed drinking their wines! 🙂